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Stereo Audio Amplifier

Innomation Systems introduces a new standard for Class A vacuum tube audio amplifiers. The Alpha-1 was designed to exceed the exacting standards of high quality audio reproduction. Based upon extensive research and prototypes, the Alpha-1 is a ‘No Compromise’ Single Ended Ultra Linear design without negative feedback that gives unequaled presence to the music without any user adjustments required.

The Alpha-1 uses the KT88 or EL34 series of vacuum tubes (valves) for the output stage and 6SN7 tubes for the input and driver stage. A 5U4 Vacuum tube rectifier is used for the high voltage DC. The DC filament circuit and the dual high voltage DC circuits are highly filtered to eliminate the issue of 60 cycle hum. The output transformers used on the amplifier are massive and contribute to the resonance of the output signal.

One of Innomation Systems' strong suits is designing industrial strength, low noise Circuit boards. The board used in our amplifier is unique in several ways. The 1/8" epoxy board is 4 layered and has extensive ground planes inside and out. The internal layers are used as additional noise shielding. With the 2.5 oz copper per layer (10 oz.) the net effect is a board that has inherent shielding and low noise signal paths to keep the signals pure.

The Alpha-1 is built using a seamless 14 gauge brushed Stainless Steel chassis with solid hardwood side plates and solid brass guarding. An Alps potentiometer is used to adjust the input level. The amplifier weighs in at 52 lbs and the dimensions are 18 ½" x 11 ½" x 9 ¾"

The Alpha-1 has fused 4 and 8 ohm taps and the outputs are rated at 10 Watts per channel.

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