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Programming and Design

Our Programming and Design capabilities include Programmed Logic Controllers (PLC), Embedded Systems, Applications Design, Logic Design, and all related functions.

Our PLC experience includes all major brands and programming systems. Applications range from material processing to factory floor applications to instrumentation. Many of these applications also include motion control and HMI (Human Machine Interface).

Innomation Systems is a qualified Systems Integrator for the INTELLUTION HMI product and has performed a number of Intellution installations.

Language fluency includes many dialects of BASIC (including Visual Basic), various control languages, ladder logic, robotics control, C, and Assembler.

Our command of these languages allows us to optimize your project by selecting the appropriate language which is best suited to the task at hand. We are able to customize various packages to accomplish your design goals as well as write entire applications from the ground up or a combination of both approaches.

We are experienced in SCADA, HMI, Instrumentation, Industrial Automation, Robotics, Motion Control, Logic Design, and Programming. We are able to combine any or all of these disciplines into a fully integrated solution to satisfy your needs.

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