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Toyo Setup manager

By Innomation Systems, Inc.

Innomation Systems is proud to present a new tool for the Toyo Molding Machines.

Using the Toyo Setup Manager, you can take the molding machine memory cards used in the Toyo molding machines and do the following:

  • See the list of setups that are stored on an individual card.
  • Store a list of setups from your computer onto a card.
  • See the list of setups that are stored on your computer.
  • Store a list of setups into a file on your computer.
  • See an individual setup from a list of setups from a card or from your computer.
  • Store an individual setup on your computer.
  • Add and Remove stored setups on cards.
  • Export individual setups to a spreadsheet program.
  • Create a full backup of all of your machine setups.
  • Easily manage all of your setups from your computer desktop.

The Screen is broken up into several areas:

Industrial Automation | Engineering and Drafting | Programming and Design | Control Panels | Wiring Audit |
Computer Networks | Vacuum Tube Amplifier | Toyo Setup Manager | INO / TOYO

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